How Are Facebook’s Updates To Messenger Impacting Chatbots?

changes to facebook messenger

Facebook Implements Changes to Messenger

Do you use chatbots in you marketing communication? This important update is for you: as of right now, Facebook has suspended the ability to connect new chatbots for Messenger. That means that if you are trying to implement a new bot or are opening a new account you will most likely run into an error message, telling you platform access is denied at this time. There is no estimated time frame within which access will be re-enabled. Any existing bots you have set up should continue to work normally.

“Today Ime Archibong, VP Platform Partnerships, announced some updates to the Facebook platform, which also impacts Messenger. These critical steps will give people more control of their data, and put stronger protections in place to prevent misuse. As it relates to Messenger, we are currently pausing app review, which means there will be no new bots/experiences added to the platform while we review our policies and make necessary adjustments. Existing Messenger experiences will continue to function as is.”

Read the full announcement here.

Why Is Facebook Making the Changes?

Facebook has been working on improving and increasing data security, giving more control to it’s users. Similarly to Twitter, Facebook is working on limiting misuse and communication abuse on the platform. While updating Messenger, bot review will be paused, causing the inability to set up new bots.

This update is a is a welcome action, as it will weed out spammers and preserve the efficacy of chatbots in Facebook Messenger! Stay tuned for more updates.

Spring Brings Twitter API Updates

twitter api updates
Recent Twitter Update Statement

“The use of any form of automation (including scheduling) to post identical or substantially similar content, or to perform actions such as Likes or Retweets, across many accounts that have authorized your app (whether or not you created or directly control those accounts) is not permitted.”

Why Is Twitter Making the Change?

Due to the large amount of spam generated on Twitter, the platform decided to stop authorizing multi-publishing. In a recent announcement, Twitter stated that they will be changing their API to “limit the ability of users to perform coordinated actions across multiple accounts.“ Professionals who use third party tools to post on Twitter will no longer be able to “simultaneously post identical or substantially similar content to multiple accounts.” This is valid for every tool (including TweetDeck, Twitter’s own Twitter management tool and all 3rd party social media management tools). Twitter added that “an alternative to posting identical content is retweeting content from one account to another”.

Every provider that relies on the Twitter API needs to be compliant with this policy change by March 23, 2018.

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