Guide: How To Add a Manager or Owner to Your YouTube Channel in 5 Easy Steps

In this short guide, you will learn how to add a Manager or new Owner to your YouTube channel. Please note that you need to have at minimum Manager access in order to add other users. Also, in order to be able to add multiple managers to a YouTube channel, the channel needs to be a Brand Channel. Ready? Let's do this!

Add YouTube Channel Manager or Owner in 5 Steps

1. Start by logging into your YouTube channel. Once there, please navigate to the top right corner and select the logo icon of your account.


2. When the dropdown menu opens, select the gear icon to open the "Settings" panel.


3. Navigate to and click on the "Add or remove managers" link.

4. Click on "Manage Permissions" and from the pop-up window, select the add use icon in the top right corner.


5. Enter the email address (Gmail) of the person who should have access to your YouTube Channel and from the dropdown menu below, assign them Communications manager, Manager or Owner rights, as appropriate. When ready, don't forget to hit the button "Invite" in the bottom right corner. That will send an email notification to the new user.

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